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Big Brain Philosophy

The Big Brain Radio Show is a systematic study of the human experience.  Your life is a collage of sensory input and motor output from the brain.  The essence of life is metaphysical, weightless and immeasurable- that is our Big Brain mind!  Your Big Brain mind cultivates culture, discovery, ideas, and language.

The Big Brain Radio Show is based on what we call the evolutionary lifestyle. Evolution, in this case, means moving toward advanced development based on experience and needs. Style is our values. We only do what is our part of our truly embedded values. This allows us to explore all of our priorities to optimize our forward regenerative days relative to health, art, beauty, career, family, money, relationships, and all of our true top values and not just those recommended by a few experts or authorities.


The purpose of the Big Brain Radio Show is to highlight the distinction between our brain, which entertains all of our sensory input as human beings and stores it for our survival, which usually results in a motor response, which either is reflexogenic or repetitiously learned, which is called neuro plasticity. This exists in the physical realm and therefore limited in size and has the ability to degenerate.


The sensory items are from our five senses and any other sensory adaptations that give information from some aspect from the body to the brain itself.


Motor is the physical action that responds to a sensory input or an anticipation of a sensory output or is a result of learned sensory behavior.

The Big Brain

The Big Brain, or what most people call our mind, takes the sensory input of our brain and puts it together in such a way that it comes out with unique solutions and ideas that are not predicted by the information that goes in. It is consistent with the known physical laws of the universe. It is weightless and is unlimited in size and could potentially live forever. This is what we call meta-physical.

Sensory for the mind is attention or the ability to make distinctions of sensory input beyond its singular level.

Motor for the mind is intention, which is the creation of a concept idea culture and carrying it out in a way that ends up creating a result representative of that intended meta-physical concept.

Evolutionary Healthstyle

Evolve: Means motion, which is sometimes considered the definition of life. If there is no physical response there is no life.

Health: The optimal number of regenerative forward action days.

Style: Values

Big Brain: Someone who creates an unanticipated or extraordinary, meta-physical idea from their mind to your mind.

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