Big Brain Radio Show

Big Brain Radio Show

Dr. D. & Dr. Z.

11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Air America Minnesota
950 AM

Hosted by Dr. David Stussy and Dr. Zena Xanders.

The BigBrain Radio Show is about what it is to be human and what we represent to the universe.

Many previous Big Brain Radio Shows are available as MP3 downloads on our Past Shows page, along with PDF format transcripts of some shows.

Metaphysical Principles

The universe and the brain operate on the physical and metaphysical principles. Metaphysical principles are those that have always been there and always work, such as electricity.  Man didn’t discover that, it was already there. But it is metaphysical in the sense that it doesn’t have weight or form, but it has affect.  These metaphysical insights are discovered by the metaphysical brain; some might call it the mind – we call it the BigBrain.  Everybody is a BigBrain and our purpose for being in existence is to discover the metaphysical principles and have them be physically manifested.

BigBrain Radio

The BBR show is meant to be a catalog for large/small scale observers of the organized complexities of the universe, which express the natural laws of authentic interacting of energies, radiation, and light. And how the human mind, discovering these - the interaction between the physical and metaphysical - creates higher and higher possibilities for the survival and expansion of the human species, or what other form we may take.

BBR show is a clearinghouse for unique ideas, and an expression of your ideas, of individuals who feel like expanding and sharing big brain information. The universe will be more successful, the universe will continue to be successful – in fact, it always has been and will always be successful. What we want is a self-generating opportunity for the human race.

We’re all big brains –

To show our unique interpretations, which will create an advantage or trim tab to further human beings so they can share their big brain experiences.  We’re all big brains waiting to express ourselves in our unique way, based on our own unique experiences – not of some perceived authority or some majority opinion that doesn’t fit our experiences of the universe and day to day life.

The universe is a training center. It just depends on what we want to learn. When you pay attention, you create intention.The future will be based on knowledge and know-how and energy.

Human beings have gone through their biological evolution and now we are going through our spiritual evolution, as really represented by the Internet, which is the birth child – the universal connection of the BigBrain.

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