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Keep the Zest for Life

Dr. Zena Xanders, owner of "Keep The Zest For Life" is a doctor, health consultant and fitness enthusiast- a “Healthstylist” for the 21st century.

Dr. Xanders graduated magna cum laude from UCLA with a degree in communications, and cum laude with a doctorate in chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. She began her fitness career with The Sweatshop in Minneapolis and later became a personal fitness trainer and performer in Kathy Smith’s first video, “Body Basics. ”Committed to self expression and leadership, Dr. Xanders studied and assisted in the transformational programs led by Landmark Education and created her own women’s leadership training, The Princessa’s, based on the work of Harriet Rubin.

Once a Weight Watchers lecturer, she expanded her work as she studied the work of Dr. John Lee, father of natural progesterone, and author of the book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause.” She now specializes in metabolism and hormone balancing along with gut health, and is a certified referral practitioner with Dr. Diana Schwarzbien, endocrinologist, and author of the book “The Schwarzbien Principle. ”

Dr. Xanders, a former radio personality at FM 107’s “Real Life Conversation,” co-starred in her own talk show, “The Kitchen Karismatics.” You can find her now, Saturday mornings on AM 950 Air America, as the co-star of a new evolutionary healthstyle program, “The Big Brain Radio Show.”


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