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Chiropractor of the Brain

Dr. David L. Stussy is a world expert on the brain and health and is considered a master chiropractor, healer, teacher and philosopher. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with BA in Biological Sciences and graduated Suma Cum Laude from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1972. He continues to own and manage one of the largest neurology specialty multi-doctor clinics, Kenwood Chiropractic Arts, since 1981. His postgraduate studies include master certification in spinal trauma and accelerated healing, scoliosis protocol, brain based neurological therapies, applied neurology, and pro-inflammatory nutrition. He was also one of the first doctors licensed to practice acupuncture in the state of Minnesota.

Dr. Stussy is a candidate for diplomat status in neurology and on a monthly basis continues to sponsor the study of the world’s greatest experts in the brain and health. In addition to his extensive scientific background in neurology, trauma, spinal health, acupuncture and stress, Dr. Stussy has spent an equal amount of time studying in the areas of human development and potential. Dr. Stussy is the recipient of the Concourse of Wisdom Award from the Concourse School of Philosophy and Healing in Houston, Texas.

Early Endeavors

Dr. Stussy took a three-year sabbatical in 1973 and with a group of friends from various backgrounds, formed a company called Human Endeavors, which based its work on the physical and meta-physical work of the “late great” Buckminster Fuller. He is also the founder of the General Systems for Chiropractic Spinal Dynamics, also based on Fuller’s work. In the late 1970’s, Dr. Stussy was associated with the “ecologically based” Windstar Foundation through his friend the late John Denver. The Windstar Foundation was committed to ecology and a world that works for everyone.

Neuro-Evolutionary Pioneer

Dr. Stussy pioneered the relationship between neurology, the spine and stress with the spinal stressologist Dr. Lowell Ward. He introduced to the Twin Cities the groundbreaking EST training in the basement of his clinic in 1982. He had been introduced to this by his friend John Denver in 1976. This training had been started by Werner Erhardt and it was the basis for most of the transformation movement of the 1970’s. Today this is an independent institution known as Landmark Education and continues to serve the Twin Cities and the Metropolitan Area. Dr. Stussy has lectured throughout North America on lifestyles, the physical and meta-physical representations of health and his 50 principles of brain-based human management. He has supervised over 10,000 people at various seminars on human development and personal transformation. In 2004 Dr. Stussy created as a vehicle for future ideas, services and products relative to the human mind, spirit and potential. Most recently Dr. Stussy has created, developed and co-hosted the Big Brain Radio Show, a unique concept in health, wellness and lifestyle, which he calls Evolutionary Lifestyle. This show can be heard on Air America AM 950 Saturday mornings at 11 a.m.


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