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Dr. David Stussy represented the Big Brain Philosophy at its creation and development and the importance of a healthy nervous system.

Dr. Zena Xanders represented the articulation of the Big Brain Philosophy in every day life and the importance of a healthy nutritional system, a balanced metabolism and healthy hormones.

Dr. John F. Demartini represented the Dean of the Big Brain Admissions to the College of Concourse of Wisdom and the dedication it takes to study all of the “ologies” to really know where we come from, who we are and why we are here.

The John Denver show represented the beauty of a man who had the innate ability to communicate our deepest and even most trivial emotions in such a way that they magnified the human heart and soul that inspired the Big Brain love in all of us.

Greg Stanley represented the stealth investigation of economics that operate at the level of small business and health facilities and the counter-intuitive genius of human kind.

Dr. Daniel Amen represented a Big Brain who studies the brain so that people know that your behaviors is determined by how healthy your brain is and that it can be objectively evaluated so the appropriate medication, nutrition or chiropractic intervention can be applied.

Mike Hatch represents our idea of a populous politician; a top cop who really cares; and the Big Brain that guided him to his destiny.

David Fhima represented the “bread” part of Bread and Circus (the essence of human existence) by combining cultural experience and unique dining environments as a true Big Brain experience.

Mike Martin represented the “circus” part of Bread and Circus with his love for music and his Big Brain MBA application of his love to the environment and organic living to transform the music industry.

Dr. Robert Humphreys represented the Big Brain academic who exists within the ivy walls but is brave enough to express opinions outside of that domain that supports the Big Brains who need the information he has to share.

Wendy Mulhauser represented the artistic free spirit of an actress and the expansion of her academic skills as a result of a head injury and how Big Brain behavior is adapted at this intense level.

Jane Nemeth represented a Big Brain that operates in such a way that she can support Big Brains above her in a glorious vision and still fulfills her own destiny.

Sarah Lopes represented the Big Brain free spirit that exists in every person at an early age and what it takes to make a commitment to that internal voice that tells you to pay attention and create life with your intention.


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